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Looking for after builders construction cleaning for your Sydney property? We provide exceptional post construction cleaning, after renovation cleaning, new building cleaning services by removing debris, dust, and a considerable amount of dirt from your property.

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At Builder Clean Sydney, we specialise in customised after builders & construction cleaning throughout Sydney. When you rope in our professionals, you can rest easy and be assured that all the traces of construction mess and residues will be removed. Using advanced equipment and cleaning material, we make sure your property is restored back to its original form in no time.

Take The Stress Out of The Renovations

Savvy home owners enlist the services of an experienced cleaning company in Sydney who bring in a team of several cleaners to bring the property back to perfection. This job takes them a day regardless of on the size and the load of cleaning required.

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The sooner you get your place cleaned, the better it is. Get your new build clean today at affordable prices. Our Sydney builders cleaning have the expertise and knowledge as well as equipped with the latest cleaning tools to provide end-to-end cleaning renovation cleaning and after builders construction cleaning services.

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Our team works with an aim to prepare your property for sale, for immediate occupation by a tenant or for handover to your client.

New Build Cleaning Services

Cleaning settled dust off the walls and all other surfaces

Remove all unnecessary stickers and tags from bathtubs, toilets bowls, basins, doors and glasses

Bathroom walls, floors and toilets cleaned

Vacuuming, Mopping and sanitising all floors

House/Unit Renovation Cleans

Remove plastics from appliances

Kitchen cupboards inside-out and appliances cleaned and polished

Floor moping interior and balconies

Cleaning all common areas such as corridors, car park, lobby

Tile and grout cleaning* - If required

Thorough Renovation Clean in Sydney

Plaster & paint removal from floors, benchtops, doors, frames, windows and more

Cleaning and sanitising bathroom and toilet including all the accessories like shower, sink, toilet bowl and more

Cleaning fixtures and fitting in bathroom and kitchen

And More

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Committed to Quality Cleaning In Sydney Since 2013

Builder’s cleaning is desirable for post renovation after builders have completed their building assignment. They can leave dust dirt and debris strewn all over your freshly renovated property. This is the time to call after builder cleaners from Builders Clean Sydney. We will schedule our cleaning to immediately follow any building work carried out at your property. Our builders house cleaning is efficient and specialised. In order to clean a house properly after construction, you need to clean every inch with a fine tooth comb to make sure you remove any leftover dust. We also can scrape off any packaging or stickers still attached to windows, glass or other household items.

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